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The Nutrition for Health Care Professionals Program (NHCP) is a professional program designed for health care professionals and is delivered by the ESS department at the LIAS. It is instructed by a group of medical experienced professors who all share the responsibility of teaching and supervision of the Clinical Nutrition Master for Physicians at London International Academy of Sciences.

Upon completion of this program, participants earn a diploma from the London International Academy of Sciences .

The Aim of the Program
  • Use the nutritional sciences to prevent the diseases and promote health among the community members.
  • Efficiently communicate with the physicians to help in nutritional management of different scopes of diseases
  • Further participate in activities related to nutritional sciences to serve the community members in health and disease
  • Think creatively and innovatively, with individual initiative and ability to work in a team
  • Undergo fruitful nutritionist- physician interaction to ensure correct decision making

The Program Specs and Outlines

It is composed of six courses coded by NHCP00 1-6, each of which comprises not less than forty five hours. The last two courses include hospital visits supervised by faculty staff. The participants will be granted the certificate after passing the evaluation of the six courses. Evaluation of the participants is undergone through group assignments, debates and set of exams in the form of case studies, multiple choice questions and essay questions.

Core Courses:
NHCP 001
 NHCP 001: Basic Nutrition I
This course is 45 hours which includes basics of nutritional sciences. Basic information of the relation of nutrition to the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry is included. The basic aspects of nutritional sciences in public health will also be delivered.
NHCP 002
 NHCP 002: Basic Nutriton II
This course is 45 hours in which the nutrition care process , nutritional assessment , and determination of the total energy, macronutrients, and  micronutrient needs will be discussed thoroughly.  The course will also reveal the relation between liaison psychiatry to different nutritional disorders. The food drug interactions and pharmacokinetics in relation to different nutrients is well instructed. 
 NHCP 003 NHCP 003: Nutrition In Life Cycle

This course is 45 hours which includes the nutritional assessment, guidelines, and nutritional requirements in the different stages of life from pregnancy, infancy, adolescence, adulthood, and geriatric stages. The special nutrition for the pediatric group will also be instructed. Special nutritional tips towards the male and the female ailments are also included.

 NHCP 004 NHCP 004: Weight Management and sport Nutrition
This course is 45 hours which includes the nutritional assessment and management for the different weight problem disorders including underweight, overweight, obesity and metabolic diseases. The role of nutrition in improving performance in different sports  is well documented in this course.
 NHCP 005 NHCP 005: Medical Nutrition Therapy I
This course is 48 together with clinical hospital visits. The nutritional management  guidelines and nutritional tips of diabetes, renal disorders, cancer and intensive care patients  is well documented.  Case scenario studies for these diseases is discussed.  The role of functional nutrients in the improvement of health and management of the diseases will be revealed.
 NHCP 006 NHCP 006: Medical Nutrition Therapy II
This course is 45  hours together with clinical hospital visits. The nutritional  guidelines , nutritional tips, and management of hepatic diseases, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases, and autoimmune diseases   is well documented. Case scenario studies for these diseases is discussed.